Friday, September 30, 2005

This Day in History: September 30, 1955

James Dean was killed in a two-car collision in California

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James Dean was born February 8, 1931, in Marion, Indiana, to Winton and Mildred Dean. He led one of the most spectacularly brief careers compared to any screen start. In a little over a year, and in only three films, Dean became a legend and icon to generations of youth. Through his starring role in “Rebel Without a Cause” Dean became the symbol of 50s teen rebellion. Dean has been a major influence on superstars still to come. He is the only actor in history to receive more than one Oscar nomination posthumously and the first actor to receive an Academy Award nomination posthumously for his role in “East of Eden” and “Giant”.

While heading to compete in a race in Salinas, James Dean was killed in a highway accident on September 30, 1955. One can only imagine how successful Dean could have been if he had not been killed in that tragic car accident.

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This James Dean Film Cell collectible is a limited-edition piece. There were only 300 pieces made, and less than 300 pieces left. The film cell features two vintage 16mm filmstrips from “Rebel Without a Cause”. This is mounted on a suede matte and is framed in wood, under glass. And you will be glad to know, it even comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Not only is this pretty cool as a decorative piece for any home, but also as a collector’s item, it’s like you won the Hollywood jackpot.

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This Rebel Without a Cause framed poster is pretty cool. It is a reprint of the famous theater lobby posters. I am not a huge film-buff or anything, but this poster would look awesome in my living room next to my DVDs.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

This Day in History: September 29, 1960

The TV Western Drama “Outlaws” made its debut on NBC

The TV Western Drama “Outlaws” made its debut on September 29, 1960. This show ran from 1960 until 1962 and had a perspective shift between its two seasons. The first season was seen through the perspective of the outlaws themselves while the second season was seen through a “good guy” perspective. The first series featured Marshal Frank Caine (Barton MacLane) and his two deputies, Will Foreman (Don Collier) and Heck Martin (Jock Gaynor). In the second season Caine and Martin were off the show and Foreman received a promotion. The new regulars on the cast included Deputy Chalk Beeson (Bruce Yarnell), a handyman drifter named Slim (Slim Pickens) and a restaurant owner Connie Masters (Judy Lewis). In the 13th Emmy Awards in 1960-1961 “Outlaws” was nominated for Outstanding Cinematography for their show "Outrage at Pawnee Bend," directed by William Margulies.

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This Cowboy Hat, from Charlie One Horse, is a really unique hat. It has a bullet hole shot clean through it, so give it a more rugged, outlaw look.

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Here is the perfect Badge for any outlaw. These come in a variety of styles. You can be a Lincoln Sheriff, a U.S. Marshal, a Brothel Inspector, a Tombstone Marshal, a Deadwood Marshal, an Arizona Ranger, a Texas Ranger or from the Pony Express.

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Here is a picture of our Wild West poker sets. It is a leatherette-bound poker set, complete with two vintage-style playing card decks and poker dice.

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If you are looking for the perfect looking Six-shooter with a holster then look no further. This non-firing six-shooter replica looks and feels like the real McCoy. The holster is crafted from hand-tooled leather and comes with leather thigh straps.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This Day in History: September 28, 1785

Napoleon Bonaparte Graduates Paris Military Academy

On September 28, 1785 Napoleon Bonaparte graduated from the military academy in Paris at age 16. Although he was gifted in mathematics and had a passion for history, this talented young Corsican graduated 42nd in his class of 51. Upon graduation from military school, Napoleon Bonaparte started his duties as a second lieutenant with the La Fère Regiment of the Royal Corps of Artillery. He spent most of his early service on extended leave in Corsica, where he became very involved in the struggle for Corsican freedom. His name was finally made in the military at the siege of Toulon in 1793 where he commanded the artillery against the British and Monarchist forces.

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This lead figure of Napoleon Bonaparte was crafted and painted entirely by hand. It is In exact 1:32 scale (54mm) and is also historically accurate. You can see intricate details, like muscle tone on their mounts, facial expressions and gleaming weapons and instruments. It is approximately 3½" tall.

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Here you can see our Napoleonic rifle with bayonet. This rifle is true the original 1806 French flintlock rifle that was used in European battlefields during the Napoleonic wars. It has a cocking hammer with functioning trigger and a 17" removable, non-sharpening bayonet. It is 71" overall length and can be used as a magnificent display piece.

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This is a re-created Napoleonic dagger such as the one Napoleon used in 1809. This dagger is museum quality and features ornate scrollwork and intricate details, like the Emperor’s profile and the Imperial Eagle. This dagger is highly polished, non-sharpening and with a 10” blade.

Monday, September 26, 2005

This day in History: September 26, 1890

U.S. Stops Minting Three-Cent Piece

On September 26, 1890 the United States stopped minting the three-cent piece. The three-cent silver coin was minted from 1851 to 1873. It was proposed in 1851 due to the decrease in postage rates that went from five-cents to three. The three-cent piece made it easier to handle this small denomination. The three-cent piece was silver and featured a shield that was on a six-sided star on one side and a Roman number III on the other. In order for the coin to be considered real currency and not worth melting down for the silver, they composed the coin of 75% silver and 25% copper. This coin was very unique in that it was physically the smallest coin that the United States ever minted. At the time the coins were known as “fishscales,” although they are still often referred to as “trimes”. In 1854, the United States wanted to encourage circulation of the three-cent coin. In order to do this they raised the silver content to 90%. Another change in the three-cent piece at this time was in its design. Its design changed slightly, where three lines now bordered the star. Starting in 1859, due to striking problems, a final design change occurred, where the number of lines bordering star was reduced to only two lines. In the Civil War era there was a shortage of silver, which led to a widespread hoarding of all of the silver coins, including the three-cent piece. To help this problem there were various attempts such as encapsulating postage to privately issued coinage. The United States Treasury finally decided to issue fractional currency (1 to 50 cent pieces), which never ended up becoming popular because these pieces were very easy to lose. To end this problem, the United States Treasury issued the three-cent nickel coin in 1865. This coin was made with copper and nickel and was bigger than the original three-cent piece. Instead of the six-sided star on a shield, the three-cent nickel featured a Liberty head on one side and the Roman Numeral III on the other. This coin was not intended to be issued permanently, but only to stop the gap measure until the hoarding stopped. However, the coin continued to be produced until 1889, where its minting was eventually stopped on September 26, 1890.
Here is what the three-cent nickel looked like:
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